Rattray Stud



  1. Do you cull?

    I am a no-cull rattery, as we believe that every life I create is precious.  I also feel that culling would mean losing out on vital information about my lines. 

    All rats that have litters for me will remain with me as much loved pets after they are retired from breeding. 

  2. How many litters will a doe have?

    Each doe will generally only have one litter.  In exceptional cases, she may have a second litter, after an appropriate length of time has passed to allow her to fully recover from raising her first litter. 

  3. How do you raise your kittens?

    My kittens are handled daily, from birth.  They are well socialised, and are used to having people about.  I ask that you continue to handle them regularly.

    I will not breed from rats with any health or temperament issues.

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Kitten sales

  1. How do I go about getting kittens from you?

    I will usually not have kittens 'ready to go' on demand.  If you are interested in going on my waiting list, please contact me via e-mail ([email protected]) or through my Facebook page.  I will then send you a brief questionnaire to allow me to get to know you, and to give you the chance to ask me questions too. 

    Once you are on my waiting list, I ask that you keep in touch and let me know if you change your mind about getting kittens from me - for example, if your situation changes or you get rats from another breeder.  I do not mind if you are on more than one waiting list, but ask that you please let me know.  This allows me to plan, and to allocate kittens to people who are still interested.  Equally, if I contact you to offer you kittens and you have changed your mind, please respond and let me know for definite.

    I will contact you with details of upcoming litters and available kittens (details of which will also, of course, appear on this website).  If you decide to proceed, I will keep you informed of the babies' progress and let you know when they are ready to be collected. 

    I home kittens in same sex pairs or trios, as rats are sociable animals who should not be kept alone and who need same-age company.  I charge a nominal fee for my kittens.  I do not make any profit on my litters.

    Kittens will be ready for rehoming at 7-8 weeks of age. 

    You will need to bring a suitable carrier for collecting your kittens, as I am unable to provide one.  A cardboard box is not suitable, as rats will chew their way out of it very quickly! 

    I prefer you to come to me to collect your kittens, as it allows me to meet you, and you to meet me and my rats, including your kittens' parents (social distancing permitting).  However, rat exchanges at shows that I am attending are possible, as are rat trains (organised by yourself). 

  2. What do I get when I have Rattray Stud kittens?

    Beautiful, sociable and friendly babies. 

  3. Can I breed from my kittens?

    Kittens are homed on a 'pet-only' contract, unless otherwise previously arranged.

  4. Do you like to be kept informed about the kittens?

    YES!  I ask that you keep me informed of any important developments in the rats' lives, be it health-related, temperament-related or anything else that you feel I should know.  I also like to hear how the rats are doing generally, and about any successes that you have with them.

  5. What if we can no longer keep our kittens?

    I will always take back any rats that I have bred at any point in their life.  I also ask that if you are no longer able to keep them, for any reason, that you let me know, even if you have a potential new home lined up for them. 

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